Resumes are a way to represent your talent and introduce you to prospective employers.  This is a snapshot of your career highlighting your technical skills, education, work experience, organizational/professional affiliations, certifications, training, accomplishments and achievements.  Adding an objective or profile summary is optional, yet helpful to communicate how you can bring added value to potential employers.  When listing your work experience – 10 years previous work history is acceptable depending on your profession which should be listed in reverse-chronological order with the most recent or current position at top. 

Consider using  key action verbs to describe position responsibilities relevant to your work experience.  Strong action verbs illustrate strengths in a compelling way towards work related achievements and experience.  Other recommendations are to include “measurable results” – numbers and percentages are like magnets that can attract a hiring manager’s attention because they demonstrate what you’re actually capable of achieving.  In addition, impactful position-related buzz words that pop when applying for jobs – demonstrates industry and profession associated terminology, trends, best practices, etc.  Lastly, be prepared to speak and provide examples of your knowledge, skills and abilities, and how you have applied them to real work experiences as you’ve offered on your resume.  Good luc